facialFacials are considered to be the best way to maintain healthy skin and they can treat all skin types. A facial is another great way to fall into a moment of total relaxation. Eden Spa of Miramar LLC has two kinds of facials. We have the Purity facial and the Acne/Rosacea facial. Both facial treatments are 70 minutes long. Both facial treatments will have you breathing easy and feeling stress-free.

A facial can help repair damaged cells and help you maintain your skin’s natural glow. There are a variety of components that make-up a facial including: steam, creams, lotions, exfoliation, facial masks, peels, and massage. Usually, spas that offer facials follow the following steps in the order they appear:

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Extraction
  3. Massage
  4. Mask
  5. Moisturize

The first step of exfoliation is when the dead skin cells found on the face are removed. The second step of extraction is when the person giving the facial clears up your face by removing any blackheads, pimples, or other imperfections you may have. A blackhead is a pore that has been clogged with dead skin cells and excess sebum. Blackheads are seen as a dark spot on the face because the pore has been saturated with the skin’s organic oil and when it is combined with the surrounding air.

The cosmetologist will use a magnifying glass with a bright light to help him/her look for the blackheads, pimples, and other facial imperfections. The person receiving the facial will have eye pads or some other protective eyewear on their eyes. The cosmetologist might use specialized tools to apply pressure to the face to remove the extractions.

The next step is self-explanatory. The person giving you the facial will give your face a light massage using some antiseptic/antibacterial product. After the massage, a facial mask will be applied to your face. The facial mask is used to calm the facial skin, reduce the redness, and heal the blemishes. The final step is moisturize and that is when the person giving you the facial will put the final application of lotion or cream, giving you the clean and fresh feeling you wanted.

It’s never too late to give yourself a special pampering session. Call Eden Spa today to schedule a relaxing facial. You will want to come back again after one of our two fabulous facials.


Facials & Peels

Classic Facial – 60 min. – $75

The perfect facial to feel relaxed and pampered. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and head/shoulder massage.

Deep Pore Cleansing – 65 min. – $80

The focus is to remove all impurities and to balance your skin. Includes classic facial with extractions.

Signature Facial – 90 min. – $105

Our most pampering facial. Includes classic facial, customized eye treatment, mask and stone massage.

Gentleman’s Facial – 60 min. – $70

Customized to soften blemishes due to regular shaving. Includes a classic facial.

Express Facial – 30 min. – $50

A mini relaxing escape. Includes cleaning, exfoliation, mask and massage.

Microdermabrasion – 60 min. – $125

A deep exfoliation that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, aids in treating acne scars and spot discolorations. Includes a classic facial.

Acne Facial – 70 min. – $95

Customized to treat breakouts, balance oil, clarify, and refine your skin. Includes deep pore facial.

Back Facial – $75

An acne facial for your back. Designed to treat blemishes and breakouts. It includes a deep pore facial, thermal mask, and hot stone massage.

Glycolic or Salicylic Peel 

Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and acne problems.


Eden Spa of Miramar LLC is a spa located in Miramar, FL. We offer massages, facials, hair cut and color, waxing, and slimming services. Our professional & caring staff will help our guest disconnect from the outside world.

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