If your stress levels are high, our massages will help your body and mind relax. Our goal is to help you find your Zen quickly and efficiently. We want you to feel complete relaxation. Studies have shown that that there are physical, mental, and emotional benefits to just one single massage therapy session. Massages on a regular basis can help give you a more balanced lifestyle. People who get massages are more relaxed, healthy, and happy.


30 min. $60
45 min $70
60 min. $80

Designed to relax muscles, increase the oxygen
flow, and release toxins from your muscles.

Deep Tissue

60 min. $80
90 min. $120

Focuses on specific deep layers of muscle tissue,
helps to release chronic tension from the body.

Hot Stone

60 min. $80
90 min. $120

Hot stones are strategically placed on your spine,
hands, belly and in between your toes to improve
your energy flow.

Lucky Bamboo

60 min. $80
90 min. $120

A rhythmic and luxurious massage performed with
various bamboo and rattan. This exotic treatment
revives poor circulation as well as aiding deep
tissue healing, trigger points and the elimination of

Tokyo Shiatsu

60 min. $80
90 min. $120

A traditional Japanese technique applying light
pressure to various meridian points on the body.
Shiatsu is believed to help balance a person’s
energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs.


30 minutes $50
60 minutes $80

This massage reduces muscle pain and joint
soreness, increases flexibility and speeds recovery
from injuries or overworked muscles.

Couples Massage

30 min. $120
60 min. $160
90 min. $240

Enjoy and experience the synergies of romance
and relaxation of a Swedish massage with a friend
or the one you love.

You should get a massage if you are stressed out. You should get a massage if you have pain in your neck, back, or shoulders. You don’t want to have to take medicine all the time for
pain relief. Try a simple massage instead. If you have been getting headaches, you should get a message, as well. If you don’t have full range of motion, you should consider getting a
massage. Lastly, you should get a massage if you have never experienced one. You deserve to be pampered once in a while. Take one day out of your busy life to let someone else
care for your needs with their caring hands.

In general, the benefits of massage therapy consist of the following:

Getting a massage is not complicated at all. When you go to a spa, you will see some special massage tables or chairs. You will see lubricants like oils, lotions, or gels that are used to
help when someone is giving a massage to someone else. The moisture from the lubricants allows the massage therapist to move easier to certain parts of the body. They are not
pounding on dry skin.

They are gliding smoothly on the person’s skin. At Eden Spa, you can have a Swedish massage, Deep healing massage, Tokyo Shiatsu massage,Green Stone
massage, or Lucky Bamboo massage. Each massagehas a different focus. The Swedish massage offers light to medium pressure on the body. It promotes
circulation and lymphmovement.This kind of massage is good for stress-related conditions and chronic pain.

Come to Eden Spa and feel rejuvenated with one of our luxurious massages. To make an appointment, call us at (954) 433-2502. We are waiting for you!